Memoir of Fucked-Up Drinks

All of you. That loved me. I guess you were right. You once said that I’m gonna fall in love and then I’d end up just staring at him. Mocking me and ignoring me.

I hope you’re happy now. Just as you thought you’d be with me. Or even more. I don’t really care. Because, you know, I never really meant to hurt you. I just refused to fool you. To make you believe that I could give all that you asked me for. I’m sorry. I know this won’t be enough but I still am.

And in the end, payback’s always a bitch, isn’t it..? We just rise to fall. And fall to rise.

Anyhow, what I really wanna say in this short post (and the first in this blog in total english) is that I’m in love with you. Head over heels. And I cannot get you outta my fucking mind. And yet I always get to see you. Half-naked, dancing (awfully), talking and always avoiding me. In the end I guess I’ll always be that kid you’ll never get to know. So similar to you.

And you’ll just always be that unknown-known person, won’t you..?

It’s just 463 and counting after all, ain’t it..?


P.S.: This was written last night, in the club like some of my previous entries.


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